Reclaiming Our Story

The Pursuit Of Jewish Pride ​

By Ben M. Freeman

Reclaiming Our Story is the second instalment of world-renowned educator Ben M. Freeman’s seminal manifesto of the modern Jewish Pride movement that has revolutionised the Jewish world.

Confronting Antisemitism
on the Left

Arguments For Socialists

Daniel Randall’s book is a socialist analysis of left antisemitism, which asks: ‘How did the political left, a movement apparently committed to equality, become a site of antisemitism, and how can antisemitism on the left be overcome?

Jewish Pride

Rebuilding a People

Despite what we are told Jewish people must never warp or change our identities to fit in. We do not need to make ourselves “acceptable,” because we are acceptable, just as we are. Yet we cannot force the non-Jewish world to see that. This is their journey. Our Journey is one of Jewish Pride.

That's Funny, You Don't Look Anti-Semitic

An anti-racist analysis of Left antisemitism

By Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen’s book “That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Anti-Semitic”, looks at the history of Left antisemitism from a Marxist perspective.

The Jews and the Left,
The Left and the Jews

Arguments For Socialists

By David Cesarani

At a time when Jews and the Left are more often than not in conflict, it may come as a surprise to learn that during the last century reactionaries and antisemites automatically associated Jews with socialism.





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