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Meet Ben M. Freeman

Ben M. Freeman is a Jewish leader, a Jewish thinker, and a Jewish educator

Born in Scotland, Ben is a gay Jewish internationally renowned author, educator and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion specialist focussing on Jewish identity, combatting Jew-hatred and raising awareness of the Holocaust. He came to prominence during the Corbyn Labour Jew-hate crisis and quickly became one of his generation’s leading voice against anti-Jewish racism.

He is the founder of the modern Jewish Pride movement and the author of Jewish Pride. 

Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People is the manifesto of the modern Jewish Pride movement and is the first instalment of Ben M. Freeman’s seminal Jewish Pride trilogy. Inspired by his experiences with LGBTQ+ pride, aims to educate, inspire and empower Jewish people to reject the shame of antisemitism imposed on Jews by the non-Jewish world as well as non-Jewish perceptions of what it means to be a Jew. Enabling them to begin the process of defining their own identities as proud Jews rooted in Jewish experience, Jewish history and Jewish values.

In his follow up,  Reclaiming our Story: The Pursuit of Jewish Pride introduces the contemporary conversation on internalised Jew-hate. Continuing his radical focus on the impact of Jew-hate on Jews, on this groundbreaking work, Ben takes his readers – both Jewish and non-Jewish – on a powerful learning journey that explores the long history of internalised anti-Jewishness. Most importantly, he educates, inspires and empowers his Jewish readers to look inside themselves – with empathy and without shame – to identify their own experiences with internalised anti-Jewishness so they can reclaim their Jewish stories, ultimately moving from prejudice to pride.

As a specialist in the field for over a decade, Ben is a prominent thought-leader on Jewish education, history and identity and carries out speaking engagements all over the world. He is a trained teacher and experienced lecturer designing and facilitating unique learning experiences for both his students, the general public and global organisations.

He has worked with a variety of companies from Facebook to Hollywood studios, such as The Jim Henson Company. His work also includes consulting for Emmy Award winning directors on documentary projects, such as Jews of the Wild West.

Through his work, he aims to educate, inspire and empower both Jewish and non-Jewish people from all over the world.

Ben M. Freeman on Social Media

.@UofGlasgow was not a safe place for Jewish students when I studied there 19 years ago.

And it will only get worse with the election of Ghassan Abu-Sittah.

Shame on them.

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute must really think that Jewish lives don’t matter.

Their award is an outrageous desecration of Jewish life.

Shani Louk’s body is in @AP’s ‘award winning’ photograph.


Hamas is still holding our hostages.

They ripped apart our family.

The world must not be allowed to forget about them. They will not be erased.

The complete erasure of Jewish and Israeli women's experiences of sexual crimes at the hands of Hamas will forever stain the feminist and human rights movements.

We are devastated by the news of the murder of Uriel Baruch, may his memory be a blessing 💔
We share in the profound grief of the Baruch family.

Uriel Baruch (35), of blessed memory, was a joyful person who loved life.
Uriel was always surrounded by friends, most of whom ...called…

The notion that Jews are a religion was pushed on to us as a way for us to circumvent Jew-hate. It is not authentic, nor did it work.

We are not a religion. We are a people, with a religion. There is a difference.

The non-Jewish world is often waiting for a trigger attack Jews. They are like sleeper agents getting activated.

They received one when Israel defended itself against Hamas after Oct 7th.

That is all this is.

The modern iteration of an ancient hatred.

Chag Sameach! Purim, another story of Jewish survival, begins tonight!

Here are some of photos of baby Ben in the costumes my mother made for me when I was young.

Am yisrael chai!

On 29th February, I retweeted Ghanem Nuseibeh and stated the comments contained in his original tweet were "Jew-hatred".

Whilst we do not agree whether antizionism is antisemitism, I have reflected and don’t think what I said was fair. I have deleted the tweet and apologise…

David Cameron:

Israel IS abiding by International law AND is allowing aid in.

The bias is extraordinary.


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