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Jewish Pride : Rebuilding A People

By Ben M. Freeman

Despite what we are told​ Jewish people must never warp or change our identities to fit in. We do not need to make ourselves “acceptable”, because we are acceptable, just as we are. Yet we cannot force the non-Jewish world to see that. This is their journey. Our journey is one of Jewish Pride.”

In Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People, Ben M. Freeman, an internationally renowned educator, inspired by his experiences with LGBTQ+ pride, aims to educate, inspire and empower Jewish people to reject the shame of antisemitism imposed on Jews by the non-Jewish world as well as non-Jewish perceptions of what it means to be a Jew.

Enabling them to begin the process of defining their own identities as proud Jews through Jewish experience, Jewish history and Jewish values. Jewish Pride is an urgent and essential read.

“The only people who get to define Jewish identity are Jewish people. The Jewish journey is not just about fighting antisemitism. It is about rejecting the shame of antisemitism. Rejecting the non-Jewish world’s inaccurate definitions of what it means to be a Jew. It is an exploration of Jewish identity, based on Jewish values, Jewish ideas and Jewish experiences.”


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About Ben M. Freeman

Ben is a gay Jewish Zionist author and educator focussing on Jewish identity, combatting antisemitism and raising awareness of the Holocaust.